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Creating & Managing your menu items.

We'll sync your menu item from Airtable (a free online tool similar to Excel). Trust us, Airtable is awesome to manage a restaurant menu, and you'll be all set in 2 minutes.
  • Signup for a free Airtable account
  • Make a copy of our Menu Template base (top right button).
  • Personalize and edit your menu items in Airtable (you can do that later, anytime).
  • To finish setting up your menu and keep things in sync with Airtable, you'll need to copy your base ID and API key bellow.

In your Airtable base, open the help menu, and select API documentation.
The ID of your base is written in green.

Your key can be copied from your account page

Track scans & edit your settings

Signing back with your email will let you access detailled stats and add advanced integrations. It's free.

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